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King Smoke Shine & Lay Oil

King Smoke Shine & Lay Oil

TOMBSTONE  is A VERY POWERFUL OIL . MY penetrating oil Comes compacted with Kui Kui Nut,Argan,Avocado,Olive Pomace,Pumpkin Seeds, Jojoba, Baobab, Neem, Hempseed, Grapeseed Oil and  Sweet Almond that gives it that Slight Green tint to it  


This Product was inspired by a very close friend, brother, teammate this dude show me again and again what it means to literally love the game and everything it offers a good portion on these oils was inspired by what my brother wanted to see in a product he always wanted to do a collab with someone just to say he have his on product  well now he do 


These Products combine leaves your hair with a healthy and shinny lay it gives your hair the exact minerals that your hair lacks. the AMINO ACIDS, ANTIOXIDANTS, Essential fatty Acids, and vitamins that some of these oils have to combine an ANTI-INflammatory Properties to help fight of damage from the sun, salt, water, wind, and dust.



This Tombstone Shine and Lay Oil will have your hair feeling soft with a layed shine and smelling real fruity as well .




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