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GOLD EDITION is A VERY POWERFUL OIL . MY penetrating oil Comes compacted with Ojon,Argan,Avocado,Olive,Buriti Fruit, Pumpkin Seeds, Jojoba, Baobab, and Almond that gives it that Liquid Gold Look.


The Ojon Oil: has a nutty scent and is rich with amino and lauric acid. the anti-fungal property inside of it helps relief itchy scalp and promote shinier hair 


The  Argan Oil: its a hydrating oil helps to seal the hair cuticle boosts shine, provides antioxidant support, hydrates a dry scalp, and act as a natural heat protection

It Is also  infused with Rosemary leaves that helps stimulate and improves circulation to the scalp to encourage Healthier Hair Growth. The Rosemary leaves has an antibacterial property that helps relieves scalp issues like irritation,dry and flaky scalps and dadruff


The Buriti Fruit Oil : it contains even more beta carotenes than carrots! This concentration of carotenoids can help with natural hair growth as well as combat dry scalp and dandruff. it contains oleic acid, which not only helps your natural hair to grow in thicker, but also gives it a nice shine. it is also a great source of linoleic acid. This fatty acid is known to help to combat hair loss and can even work to revitalize dry hair. It also contains vitamin E. This essential vitamin is known to stimulate hair growth, help with moisturizing and conditioning hair, repairing split ends, and also preventing premature graying. It is a great tool for strengthening hair follicles as well as smoothing them out. A few drops on your hairbrush can act as a gel to help you control frizziness without the side effect of drying out that many other products produce because of alcohol.


Pumpkin Seeds: Strengthens your hair.

Makes your hair shine.

Keeps your hair moisturised for longer.

It can colour your hair.

Treats hair damage.

It can mask existing hair colours.

It can also help with hair loss.


After using this Shine and Hair Growth Oil  it will leave your hair feeling soft and hydrated. Come Get Iced By Isa and experience silky and healthy hair!

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