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Glacier Series 2.0 Beard And Hair Growth OIL

Glacier Series 2.0 Beard And Hair Growth OIL

This Oil is perfect for the summer time as it comes blended with Rice Bran, Meadowfoam, Almond, Apricot, Ginger, Castor, MCT, Eucalyptus, and Grapeseed. THIS Combination Of ALL NATURAL PRODUCTS will leave your hair nice and shiny with a light feel to the head while also strengthen hair follicles and building healthier hair.


This Oil Is also infused with oranges and Lavender Petals to bring a nice citrus lavender smell that also helps penetrate the shaft of the hair to give it a smooth texture 


The Light Blue Tint comes from A Tansey Flower that helps strengthen Hair Follicles and soften the hair  as well as it nourish the scalp to prevent itch or build over time.

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